Emotionally Focused Individual Therapy 1 (EFIT)


  • Describe the key elements of the attachment perspective on personality and its significance for clinical intervention
  • Set out clients within and between cycles and how they create each other and link to presenting problems that manifest as emotional disorders
  • Describe the core components of emotional disorders – depression and anxiety
  • Outline the process of change and the elements of the EFT Tango to shape corrective emotional experience, such as affect assembly and deepening
  • Describe the micro-interventions used by the EFT therapist
  • Outline the applicability of EFIT for different clients with different symptomatology.
Theoretical presentations, discussions, practical and experiential dyad exercises, case studies from videoscoped sessions.
Acquis pour les thérapeutes

The purpose of this training is to introduce participants to individual emotion-focused therapy. We will mainly address the first phase of treatment (Stage 1). You will learn validated techniques, which place attachment at the heart of therapeutic work, and which allow the treatment of the most common problems encountered in individual therapy: anxiety, depression, relationship problems and trauma.


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62b avenue du Général Leclerc, 78230 Le Pecq France

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Dates proposées

23 September 2021
-   24 September 2021

La formatrice

Anne Belgram-Perkins
Certified EFT Trainer
Psychologue Clinicienne, Thérapeute, Superviseur et Formatrice agréée ICEEFT Organisme de formation enregistré sous le numéro 11788400678

Level 1

This two-day training outlines the theory and practice of EFIT, focusing on the primacy of emotion and the creation of a safe haven & secure base alliance, core models of health and dysfunction from an attachment perspective including how within and between cycles interact and block growth and adaptation, a systematic sequence of interventions, the EFT Tango, as well as more micro-interventions, and how to stay with present processes in 2 session to shape key change events. Didactic presentations will be accompanied by the viewing of EFIT sessions and experiential exercises.

Emotion-focused therapy, whose effectiveness has been validated by extensive research, is based on attachment theory and neuroscience. This therapy was developed and developed by Sue Johnson, professor emeritus of psychology and psychiatry at the University of Ottawa and her colleagues in Canada for the past 30 years. First developed for couples and then families, this innovative model has been extended to individual therapy.

According to Johnson, psychotherapy is effective when it focuses on the therapeutic power of emotional connection within an attachment relationship. With EFIT / TICE, the therapeutic alliance allows the establishment of a secure link promoting better emotional regulation. Central attachment emotions are explored to create corrective emotional experiences, which enhance the relationship with oneself and others.

The therapist first helps the patient to discover and validate their internal emotional patterns which often undermine their well-being.

Secondly, the therapist, with the collaboration of the patient, shapes corrective emotional experiences aimed at transforming these patterns into new positive internal dynamics, promoting positive connection with oneself and with others.

Thirdly, by getting to know himself in this way, the patient has more confidence in his own strengths which become a sort of “guide for better living”. He develops the ability to create secure and satisfying relationships with others and increase self-confidence, in a new and positive dynamic between his inner and relational worlds.

EFT has ​​been proven to work with various types of patients in private practice as well as in university training centers and hospitals. It is performed in North America, as well as in many other countries in Central America, Europe, Africa and Asia.

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Emotionally Focused Individual Therapy 1 (EFIT)
23 September 2021
-   24 September 2021
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