Core Skills 1


Level 1 –

Steps 1 and 2, with particular attention to how to use Tango to ensure the assessment, the establishment of the therapeutic alliance, the empathic tuning, the identification of the negative interactive cycle and the core skills in EFT.

Steps 3 and 4, still within the first level of EFT, focuses more on the use of Tango in the formulation of the cycle to promote de-intensification and access to primary emotions, and on the interventions associated with it.

Theoretical presentations, discussions, practical and experiential exercises, supervision, case studies from video recorded sessions.
Acquis pour les thérapeutes

Prerequisites: This CS1 training is intended for people who have previously completed the basic 4-day EFT training, and who are willing to actively participate in role plays and share video clips (15-20 minutes ) of their work with a couple.

Lieu de la formation
62b avenue du Général Leclerc, 78230 Le Pecq France

La formation sera assurée en ligne en cas de reconfinement








Dates proposées

23 March 2021
-   26 March 2021

La formatrice

The Advanced Training in Core Skills is the ideal opportunity to perfect clinical interventions in EFT by taking advantage of the conviviality of a small group (N = 8 to 12) made up of others dedicated to this approach.

The training takes place over four days for a total of 24 hours of training.

Enjoy a pleasant and collegial atmosphere allowing you to practice, share and take some risks with other stakeholders.

Each training day will include lectures, discussions, role-plays and group supervision of clinical work (presentations and discussions of cases videoscoped by each participant, 1x per year). This training can go a long way in improving the skills of TEK intervention. For those who wish, this course is an important step in their journey towards certification by ICEEFT.

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Core Skills 1
23 March 2021
1050 EUROS
-   26 March 2021
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