Discover brief focused therapy with American Clinical Psychologist, Anne Belgram-Perkins.

Anne has a positive and pragmatic approach to psychotherapy that focuses on a person’s individual nature and experience in the here and now.



Anne helps you recognize & understand your painful emotions and behaviors in order to transform them.

In the humanist psychotherapy that Anne practices, clients learn to identify the origins of their difficulties and why these difficulties persist, opening the way to wisdom, growth, healing, and fulfilment within themselves and in their relationships.


Anne will help you recognize and transform the painful dynamics trapping you and your partner or loved one.

Anne will help you learn to identify the emotional underpinnings of your positions in this negative dance so that you will not only understand yourself better, but also develop empathy for your partner or loved one.

Voted Best of Paris by Expatriates Magazine

41,000+ people placed their votes across 190 categories. Anne was voted "Best bilingual licensed clinical psychologist"

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Identify & Heal

Anxiety disorders, Trauma-related difficulties (abuse, violence, illness and sudden loss), Depression, Cultural adaptation, Life transitions


Training and supervision of therapists

Support and supervision for therapists, therapists in training, other healthcare professionals and social workers. Additional training in Emotion Focused Couples Therapy for therapists in both French and English.


Relationship Matters

Work with your partner or individually to understand and heal relationship issues be it romantic, work, friend or family relationships.